Dog Home Boarding

Dogsaloud has been inspected and licenced by Spelthorne Council.
Licence No 21/00571/ANBORD

Dogsaloud has been inspected and awarded 5 Stars by Spelthorne District Council.

At Dogsaloud we believe that leaving your dog when you travel should not be a stressful time for either of you. Dog home boarding is the real alternative to boarding kennels. There are no lonely nights on cold concrete floors, instead your dog will stay in our warm home environment, with lots of play time and warm loving arms. Dogsaloud will ensure that your dog will be cared for and we will maintain their routine which they are used to. This reduces problems such as stress and anxiety.

Dog Walking

Many behaviour problems such as chewing, barking etc, are the result of boredom. It is proven that regular exercise could be the cure for some of these problems. Dogsaloud Dog Walking services is designed for those owners who may be out at work all day, are elderly or have other committments. Dogsaloud offers a flexible daily or occasional dog walking service to meet the needs of our client. You can be confident that your dog will be given a safe and healthy walk.

Day Boarding

Day Boarding benefits both the dog and yourself, instead of sitting at home waiting, Dogsaloud offers day boarding with loving attention, fun and care in our home. Your pet can take a nice energetic walk or have a relaxing stroll. After a fun day of playing and exercising, when you pick up your pet they will be nice and relaxed.

Puppy and Elderly Dog Home Visits

Home visit services offers you a unit of time during the day to visit your dog at home. During the visit, we walk your dog or puppy and if required help with ongoing training and toileting.

Cat Home Visit

Home visit offers you litter cleaning, feeding, lights turned on/off, curtains pulled, collection of mail and watering of house plants .

Pet Transportation

Visits to the Vet.

Dogsaloud are fully insured.

Mobile: 0796 449 4796 or


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