Recommendations for Dog Home Boarding and Dog Walking

Dogsaloud has been inspected and licenced by Spelthorne Council, Surrey and awarded 5 Stars.

Karen E - Teddy has been with Nilly since she was about 10 or 11 months old. I was let down by someone who looked after her and I needed someone to look after her quickly and someone I could trust. My neighbour recommended her to me because her dog also went to Nilly. My dog is a bit unsure of new people, and Nilly was very good at making sure that Teddy wasn't really stressed out by her coming into the house and taking her for a walk without me being there. Believe me, Nilly has been amazing and Teddy loves her. She now looks after Teddy full time which has been a huge relief for me. I don't know what I would do without her. She treats Teddy like her own dog. In fact, she says that Teddy is her dog and that she only goes home at night with me. Very funny and Teddy actually waits for me to take her to Nilly's in the mornings. I also leave her with Nilly and Ron when I go away and I feel so much better because Nilly sends me pictures and makes sure that I don't worry too much about her. I don't know why I even worry about her because she's so happy there, that she takes herself to bed when she's tired. Nilly loves the dogs so much and she looks after them so well. They are totally spoilt but it's great. It makes me happy that Teddy is always looked after and cared for. I really don't want her to go to anyone else. Nilly is the best :)

Ioana Huntbach - I don’t think I can put into words just how fantastic Dogsaloud is and how much it means to my husband and I to have Nilly and Ron looking after our dog. We came across Dogsaloud by chance after moving to the area and it turned out to be the perfect place for Hazel. She’s been going to Nilly’s for about 3 years now and she absolutely loves it there, she pulls towards Nilly’s door when we walk past and when we drop her off she runs straight upstairs and makes herself comfy on the sofa, not one look back. It’s much more than a boarding place, it has become a second home for Hazel. We love it that she spends her time in a house in the company of people and other dogs and not isolated in a kennel; she goes for nice, long walks, and in fact we found out about a lot of great walking places from Nilly; she’s well looked after and she’s even allowed to sleep in bed UNDER THE COVERS, just like she does at home. Nilly’s been absolutely brilliant from the beginning, very accommodating and very flexible, which is great for two disorganized people like us. She’s helped us out in many, many ways, even taking Hazel to the vet for us when she got injured just before we started work. We really couldn’t ask for anything more, Dogsaloud is excellent!!!

Veronica Scalise - If you are like me and treat your dog as part of the family, look no further, Dogsaloud is what you are looking for! We have now boarded our 5 year old Standard Poodle, Abby, with Nilly and Ron for almost 4 years and I have to confess that they are like adoptive parents for our puppy. We go on vacation with absolute peace of mind, knowing that my "little baby" is being taken care of with the same dedication and love that I would give her. She is allowed on the couch, feed exactly what we instruct, taken on nice long walks and most importantly truly cared for. It's so reassuring to know she is in good hands, that now that we live in Belgium we still drive all the way back to UK to leave her at Nilly's care when we go on vacation! Last year we were in China for 3 weeks and I would have not enjoyed myself as much if Abby hadn't been with Nilly & Ron. I seriously can't thank them enough for not only caring for, but also giving our dog a "home away from home"! Thank you Dogsaoud ! ! !

Ann Ruislip: My two elderley Scottish Terriers stay with Nilly on quite a regular basis. Dogsaloud is run in a very professional manner with lots of one to one care and attention to the dogs it looks after. My two dogs love staying with Nilly, they are walked often, loved and fed, what more could a dog wish for. When I arrive at Dogsaloud my dogs walk in quite happilly and make themselves at home. I feel very comfortable leaving my dogs here and do not feel guilty or worried because I know they are having the time of their lives. One of my dogs has daily medication and I have every confidence in Nilly administrating this, she is organised, professional and caring. Dogsaloud has been a blessing to me and if for some reason they could not take my dogs I would rather change my holiday plans then leave them anywhere else. Thank you Nilly.

Dogsaloud absolutely fantastic!‎‎ By Giles - 10 Aug 2010 Giles Byfleet: Every time Nilly looks after my dogs I know they are in safe and caring hands. Its better than having your best friends looking after your "best friends". The dogs love being with her and Ron. I think some times as quoted below they are sad to come home. Nilly takes time to know your own rules and habits and applies them to the dogs she is looking after. Lottie and Sam are so happy with her and I feel totally relaxed and comfortable when I am away they they are having the best time possible. I highly recommend Nilly and her dog boarding and sitting services.

dogsaloud simply the best‎‎ By richardreading - 13 Mar 2010 Richard and Debbie Reading: Nilly has been walking our greyhound Tippy for nearly a year now. Tippy did not like our first dog walker but when she met Nilly that all changed. Tippy is shy with strangers initially and Nilly showed great patience and understanding as Tippy got to know her. Now they are the best of friends and Tippy always runs up to her front door. We cannot recommend Nilly enough, she is dedicated, flexible, trustworthy and, most importantly, she loves dogs. We would not want to leave our dog with anyone else. So, do not hesitate and give dogsaloud a call, you will not regret it!!!!

Dogsaloud Great Service‎‎ By Karen - 18 Feb 2010 Karen Redparth. Having moved to Moormede estate a year ago I feel ill and unable to walk my dog for very long. Searched on web and found Nilly and her company. Nilly has been taking my dog out for about 8 months and she loves going there and really enjoys her outings with Nilly and has made lots of friends there. Also a good factor is when she comes home after a day or overnight stay with Nilly she is worn out and sleeps all evening! The dogs get totally spoilt with cuddles and are even allowed to sleep in the wonder it is better than home!! Nilly is a wonderful lady who adores all the dogs she walks and boards and they also love staying there. If you need a walker or boarder then go to Dogsaloud for a wonderful, caring environment for your best friend.

Dogsaloud‎‎ By loendust - 28 Oct 2009 Nick & Carra Walters Having moved into the Staines area in 2008, we immediately needed to find a local kennels that we could use for our two young dogs whilst we were away for any reason. We initially visited quite a few kennels in the local area and were unimpressed to say the least and sometimes horrified at the accommodation and level of care being offered. We then happened upon Dogs Aloud and Nilly, the owner, who by chance lived just at the end of our road. Our prayers were answered!! Nilly provides a service that is literally home away from home for the dogs – probably even better!! They never seem to want to leave…… She is happy to be called upon at very short notice and is always very accommodating. The dogs do not stay in cold kennels, but with her and they seem to be regularly out and about with her playing in the nearest park or woods. We have total peace of mind when we leave our dogs with her and she really does treat each dog as if it was her own. We now have moved from the area – but we still go back to Nilly to look after our dogs as we simply don't think there is anyone better!

Doggy paradise !!‎‎ By roseleitch - 21 Sep 2009 Nilly couldn't take better care of her guests if they were her own dogs. In fact, my dog normally sulks when he comes home from a day visit or a few nights stay as he has such a great time there. The dogs have a great time playing in the garden, or crashing out in the house together. When staying over, they get to sleep on her bed, talk about luxury !! Nilly is always willing to accomodate last minute requests (which I am grateful and apologise for). I have no hesitation in recommending Nilly for in-home boarding, fun games and TLC. Oh and the rates are very reasonable, better than a lot of kennels I've seen around the area.

Dogsaloud‎‎ By David - 21 Sep 2009 Our Fox Terriers, 2 very difficult dogs, enjoy going to stay with Nilly. We can relax and enjoy our holiday, knowing that they are being carefully looked after in a family environment, and would highly recommend Dogsaloud.

Excellent....‎‎ By alysonflynn - 20 Sep 2009 I can't recommend Nilly and Dogsaloud highly enough. My 2 cocker spaniel pups have been going to her since I have had them. They jump out of the car and just head for her front door - cant get a better recommendation than that !!.. in fact, I think I might book myself in there for a holiday too .. Thank you Nilly for the comfort and confidence that I have in you when I leave S and O with you. Alyson.

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